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It’s No Myth: 18 Wheelers Are Dangerous

18 Wheelers Are DangerousAn episode of the popular show, MythBusters, is always entertaining. One episode of Mythbusters was particularly interesting to me, as an experienced Dallas car accident attorney. The episode proved that a semi-truck with a low or flat tire has the potential to cause a serious, even deadly accident. Myth: 18 wheelers are dangerous: FACT

The team at MythBusters showed that an exploding semi-truck tire has enough velocity and force to not only smash a car’s windshield but to kill the person behind the wheel. In the experiment, the piece of shredded tire flew through the window with such speed that it decapitated the dummy. While this scenario seems farfetched, the truth is that mechanical error is a leading cause of accident with semi-trucks. This kind of thing can and does happen.

When the Driver of the Car, Not the Truck is at Fault

While it is certainly true that large truck drivers cause many accidents in Dallas and across the nation, there are times when, as a Dallas auto accident lawyer, I have seen drivers of the cars around them make bad choices and cause a crash.

The MythBusters also investigated claims that following closely behind a semi-truck can help reduce gas mileage. While they proved that this was true, they also pointed out that following close enough to a semi-truck to get the gas saving benefits was decidedly dangerous.

Follow too closely and the truck driver might not know you are there. In addition, following closely dramatically increases the chance of you running into the rear end of the truck.

The take away? Keep an eye out for flat tires on trucks, but also work to ensure that you are being as safe as possible when driving near a semi-truck.

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