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Even the Best Drivers in Dallas Could Use a Little Help

Even the Best Drivers in Dallas Could Use a Little HelpPerhaps you have never been in an accident before, or if you were hurt during a Dallas car crash and it wasn’t your fault. You think yourself an excellent driver and perhaps you are; however, all of us could use a little help now and again.

One example of this is rear-end crash avoidance technology. A recent study, performed by researchers and students at Georgia Tech, found that drivers cannot detect a difference in speed between their car and the car in front of them unless the difference is greater than 8 MPH. In addition, in the time it takes a driver to register the slowed car ahead of them and apply the brakes is often too great to avoid causing a rear-end accident.

A Helping Hand, Right When You Need It

Though the technology is still under development, there is a chance that very soon new cars could come equipped with a sensor that notes the speed of the car in front of it. If that car is traveling slowly or if it suddenly slows, the system can either apply the brakes or send a warning signal to the driver.

Rear-end accidents are not the only target of on-board safety technology. Safety innovations include warning signals that would help drivers avoid:

  • Blind-spot accidents
  • Head on accidents due to passing
  • Intersection accidents

As a Dallas car accident lawyer, I know that all drivers make mistakes. I can only hope that these innovations will help reduce the number of car accidents in North Texas and across the nation.

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