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What Can We Learn From the Recent Temple Truck Accident?

What Can We Learn From the Recent Temple Truck Accident?Recently, a terrible accident involving a large commercial vehicle and a school bus occurred. Police believe that the driver of the commercial vehicle ran a stop sign before colliding with the bus at the intersection on Farm-to-Market Road 93 in Temple, TX.

The Long Lasting Impact of the Recent Temple Truck Accident

While the majority of the children were treated and released from the hospital, three of them, along with their bus driver, were listed in serious or critical condition. All of the children and the driver are expected to live; however, their injuries may very well have a serious impact on their lives. As a Dallas personal injury attorney I have seen too many kids hurt during either a bus accident or a crash with a large truck.

If, in fact, the truck driver did run the red light, then fault clearly lies with him. But no matter who caused the accident, the number of injuries sustained during the crash have many thinking about how we can better protect our children when they ride the bus to school.

The Long Battle Over Seatbelts in School Buses

For many years now, safety advocates, school districts and the NHTSA have been embroiled in a battle over the potential benefits and costs associated with requiring that school buses be equipped with seatbelts.

The NHTSA has long believed that “compartmentalization” is enough to keep kids safe in most accidents. This safety feature involves high padded seatbacks found on buses and relies on the seats to soften the impact on the child during a front impact accident.

Others argue that in other types of accidents, such as the recent crash in Temple, TX, seatbelts would better protect the children on board the bus. They are argue that the seats “compartment” is of little use when the bus is hit from the side or rolls over—the exact manner in which the recent crash occurred.

Above all, the staff and attorneys at the Dallas trucking accident law firm of Guajardo & Marks hope that the children recover from their injuries and that school districts nationwide will further investigate the best way to keep the children in their care safe.