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Truck Accident on the Dallas Mixmaster

Truck Accident on the Dallas MixmasterSmall lanes, tight turns, and multiple on and off ramps on the Dallas Mixmaster have been blamed on causing hundreds of accidents each year. In addition to these dangerous elements, semi-trucks frequent the Mixmaster, making the interstates even harder to navigate and contributing to the most serious accidents.

Latest Mixmaster Accident Victims are Fortunate

The latest 18 wheeler accident on the Mixmaster caused serious delays but no serious injuries. During the accident, a semi-truck jackknifed and a car overturned on eastbound I-30 at the 1-35 intersection. While both vehicles were severely damaged, the occupants of both only received minor injuries.

Those involved in this accident were very lucky. As Dallas truck accident lawyers we too often hear from motorists who have been hurt during an accident on the Mixmaster. When not stuck in gridlock, traffic on the jumble of crisscrossing interstates travels at a high rate of speed. Hundreds of semi-trucks make their way through Dallas each day, and the vast majority of them use the Mixmaster.

Another concern that many have is the Mixmaster’s confusing layout. Those unfamiliar with the area may have a very hard time navigating the many on and off ramps. This confusion can cause drivers, particularly truck drivers new to the area, to made sudden lane changes or slow abruptly.

Were you Involved in a Truck Accident on the Dallas Mixmaster? 

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