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Why 18 Wheeler Accidents Often Cause Fires

Why 18 Wheeler Accidents Often Cause FiresEvery semi-truck accident in Dallas is scary. Even the thought of being involved in an accident with such a large vehicle is terrifying. Even scarier is the recent trend of fiery accidents that our Dallas truck accident lawyers have noticed.

Fires Seen in Many Texas Semi-Truck Crashes

Whether it be the large truck itself or the other vehicle involved in the crash, too many recent accidents in Dallas and across Texas have involved fire. In one recent accident, a pickup truck carrying a woman and two children caught on fire after hitting the back of a semi-truck that had slowed suddenly. Another occurred when a UPS truck driver became distracted, hit a guardrail head on, the truck bursting into flames.

In each example, the accidents caused injuries and did significant damage to the vehicles and the roadway. While nobody died, the woman in the truck was severely burned and is facing a long road to recovery.

Why 18 Wheeler Accidents Often Cause Fires

When a vehicle crashes, the impact can cause combustible materials, such as gas and oil, to catch fire. 18 wheelers hold a lot of diesel fuel and often carry highly flammable loads. This combination can lead to a dangerous and damaging fire.

Every accident with a semi-truck is different, but they do tend to have a few things in common: Injuries sustained during trucking accident are more serious, lives are too often lost, and property damage is high.

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