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Construction Trucks Pose Serious Threat to Dallas Motorists

Construction Trucks Pose Serious Threat to Dallas MotoristsEven an untrained eye can spot a dangerous construction truck. Perhaps you notice that the trailer is bouncing around more than it should, that the brake lights of a dump truck are not working, or that the load on a flatbed trailer doesn’t seem to be well secured. Again and again our commercial vehicle accident lawyers have seen the impact that a Texas construction truck accident has on those it harms.

Police Step up, Take Dangerous Trucks out of Commission 

Police in Dallas and across Texas often notice the same glaring safety violations; however, officers were not certified to inspect the large trucks and therefore had a hard time getting dangerous trucks off the road. No longer.

Now, officers in Flower Mound, Euless, Denton, and all over the state have received specialized training that allows them to inspect large construction trucks. So far, officers have taken thousands of dangerous trucks off the road, preventing accidents and injuries caused by traffic accidents.

The Dallas commercial truck accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks hope that police continue to stop and ticket unsafe trucks.

If you have been hurt during an accident with a construction truck in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, do not hesitate, contact an aggressive, experienced truck accident attorney at 972-774-9800 for your free consultation.