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Hazardous Spills Caused by a Dallas Semi-Truck Accident

Hazardous Spills Caused by a Dallas Semi-Truck AccidentWe most often think of the terrible, immediate impact of a Dallas semi-truck crash: Loss of life, serious injury and totaled vehicles. However, when an 18-wheeler spills its load of toxic chemicals or gasses, or spills a large amount of diesel fuel, the impact to the surrounding areas can be felt long after the wreckage has been cleared away.

Accident Highlights Semi-Truck Related Spill Dangers

A recent commercial truck crash on I-30 in Dallas caused the fuel tank of the semi-truck to break open, spilling fuel not only onto the roadway but into the nearby White Rock Creek. Crews worked to clean the spill but the effects of spills like this one may not be fully understood for some time.

There have been other times when a tanker truck carrying dangerous or toxic chemicals has crashed, its tank bursting open, allowing deadly substances to escape and negatively impact the surrounding area. This summer, a tanker full of diesel fuel crashed and exploded in Denton. The fire from this crash and spill lasted nearly 12 hours.

As Dallas trucking accident attorneys, our primary concern is the well-being of accident victims. We realize that the impact of your accident, be it environmental or physical, is likely to last long after the initial crash.

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