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Rollover Accident AttorneyDo You Know What Caused Your Wreck? Our Rollover Accident Attorneys Can Help.

Rollover accidents aren’t your normal car wrecks. In fact, they result in more serious injuries and death than any other types of accidents.  According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, more than half of all single vehicle fatal car crashes are rollover accidents.

Why are they so much more dangerous than your normal wreck? This is often because the passengers are either ejected or the vehicle’s roof collapses, crushing the occupants.

If you were involved in a rollover accident, there is a good chance the wreck wasn’t your fault.  Many rollovers are caused by a vehicle defect.  In addition, the injuries may have been much worse because of defective safety features.

Common Types of Rollover Accidents

While there are many different types of rollover accidents, our rollover accident attorneys have identified the four most common:

  • Turns – When a vehicle is moving at a high rate of speed and turns sharply, it loses its grip and can flip or rollover.
  • Ramps – This occurs when one side of the vehicle climbs up on an incline, causing the car to rollover.
  • Skids – This happens when a vehicle, often off-road or in the rain, loses traction and it slips and rolls.
  • Spins – If a vehicle’s wheels hit a solid object, it could spin out or rollover.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

While some rollover accidents can be caused by driver negligence, such as overly-aggressive driving, many rollover accidents are the result of vehicle defects, design flaws or even poor road conditions.  These can all act as a “tripping” mechanism.  A rollover “tripping mechanism” is what initially causes the type of rollover accident. Think of a blown tire that causes an over-correction or a large pothole that causes a ramp of one side of the vehicle.

Some of the most common causes of rollover car accidents include:

  • Tire failure – Defective tires can fail suddenly, causing a vehicle to lose control and flip or rollover.
  • High center of gravity – Some vehicles have a design flaw known as high center of gravity.  This is a cause that you often see in sports utility vehicles. When the driver is forced to make a sharp turn, the SUV may topple, causing a rollover.
  • Defective suspension – A vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for aiding in the stability of a vehicle.  If the suspension fails, the car can lose control, causing a rollover or flipping accident.
  • Poor road conditions – The government has a responsibility to maintain safe roadways.  Poor signage, uneven pavement, neglected maintenance can all become “tripping mechanisms” that cause a rollover accident.

These are the most common causes that our rollover accident attorneys have seen, but there are certainly other preventable causes of rollover accidents.  As a rollover car accident victim, the main point to take away is that your wreck could have been caused by a defect or design flaw.  And if that is the case, you may want to explore your legal options.  You may be entitled to compensation for your wreck.

Common Rollover Accident InjuriesCommon Rollover Accident Injuries

Because of the violence of a rollover accident, the injuries involved are often catastrophic.  These injuries are made worse by failures in safety features or design flaws.  For instance, a seatbelt or airbag failure can lead to an occupant being ejected from the car, crushing or killing them.  There are also design flaws such as inadequate structural strength that results in roof collapse, crushing occupants.

Some of the most common injuries we have seen include:

That fact is, even if we find that the wreck wasn’t caused by a vehicle defect, there is chance that you or your loved one’s injuries were made worse by design flaws and failed safety features. If that’s the case, you will want to pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer and designers of the vehicle.

How We Can Help

Our rollover accident attorneys Michael Guajardo and Greg Marks have decades of proven experience handling these types of accidents.  They have the resources and experience essential to investigating your crash and discovering the true cause of the wreck and your injuries. This includes accident reconstruction, vehicle inspections and research into similar rollover accidents.

Make no mistake about it, these cases are incredibly complex and time consuming.  But you shouldn’t be held responsible if your accident was preventable. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

If you or a loved one were involved in a rollover car wreck in Dallas or anywhere else, we urge you to call 972-774-9800 or contact  us online today.  Your consultation is free and the sooner you call, the better chance our rollover accident attorneys have at getting you the best compensation possible. 

Your case could be the one that uncovers a serious defect or design flaw and could result in real changes in the manufacture of the vehicle. This saves lives and that is one of the reasons our firm is so dedicated to helping victims of these kinds of car accidents. 


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